• Component / Parts
  • Shelves & Accessories

    Front Room Display Systems:

  • Gondola / Island Shelving
  • Wall Shelving
  • End Display
  • Multi Function
  • Lozier Accessories
  • Specialty Shelving
  • Pharmacy Shelving
  • Wood Counters & Showcases

    Back Room Display Systems:

  • Storage Shelving
  • Cube Saver
  • Wide Span

  • manufactures a variety of shelving options, from standard flat shelves to custom radius, curved, and contoured styles.
    Lozier standard shelving comes in a variety of widths and depths, and weight load classes:

  • TL Shelves - shelves can be displayed flat or on a 17° downslant

  • DL Shelves - multi-position drop in bracket allows shelves to be displayed flat, 17° and 30 ° downslant, or even at a 15° upslope

  • Reversible Wire Shelves & baskets - one piece wire shelves with a 2" front lip. Brackets can be set flat or at 17° downslant. Load rated at 150# per shelf. click picture for more info

  • Lozier shelving also includes, Specialty shelves, Bookshelves, wire fencing, Bin Shelves and more. Click here for more information - SPECIALTY SHELVES